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Let’s Go Back to the Beginning

More than 26 years ago, four friends working in the staffing industry, recognized they had a knack for building relationships, problem solving and expanding business. As a result, the partners ventured out – pulled all of their resources, time and support together – to create Diversified Sourcing Solutions.

From day one our mission has been to offer the best staffing solutions possible in the most efficient way possible. Our sense of urgency and strong desire to help our customers eliminate staffing pains enabled us to develop a strong customer base spanning across six states: AL, FL, GA, NC, TX, and VA.

Diversified Sourcing Solutions aims to solve people’s problems. It’s that simple. We make it our priority to find jobs for the unemployed, find better jobs for the underemployed, solve company staffing challenges and find the best solutions for our customers and employees. Our four founding fathers continue to spearhead the industry even a quarter of a century later.

Life at Diversified Sourcing Solutions

Setting up others for success is our business! We provide ideal talent for companies to enable their business to expand and grow. We connect talented individuals to new avenues by advancing their professional career paths.

Whether it’s a temporary, temporary-to-hire or a direct placement we take great pride in what we do. Everyday we have the opportunity to positively impact individuals lives and help local businesses flourish.

The services we provide at Diversified Sourcing Solutions are regularly in demand – there will always be an a position to fill and a candidate searching for an opportunity. Now more than ever, companies crave talent possessing specialized skills with an increasing number and desire to incorporate interim talent into their culture to gain flexibility and better manage costs. We match skills with needs for sustained success and have a diverse array of business sectors.

Take a Closer Look

Our aim is to empower our employees by cultivating and encouraging creative thinking and complex problem solving. Do you want to know what it’s like to work in one of our branches? Observe what a typical day looks like for one of our branch positions looks like and find your fit on our team!

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