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Do’s and Don’t of Watercooler Chat

For those of you that may not know exactly what “watercooler chat” means let me fill you in. Watercooler chat is considered casual chat, or gossip. When workers take a short break, they might go to the watercooler for a drink. If another worker is there, they chat.

So what’s appropriate to chat about and what’s not? Let’s explore some do’s and don’ts. 

Do: Talk about what motivates you

Your coworkers are your teammates. You are all trying to get to the same goal as a team: Run a successful business and make money. Share what motivates you and because you never know who you might be motivating. And Mondays are hard.

Don’t:  Talk about people

You’ve heard that saying, ”It you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Venting may feel good at the moment but you might end up regretting what you say. Besides, you don’t want to be known as the office gossip, do you? Share a co-worker or colleague’s promotion, engagement, new baby or other good news. Being positive is leader behavior and has a big impact.

Do: Brainstorm

Brainstorming leads to creativity and creativity leads to a successful career. Pick a colleagues brain and share ideas – even the really bad ones – because creativity takes courage.

Don’t: Talk about personal problems

Don’t we have enough problems to solve in the workplace? While sharing personal problems might bond some, it makes most uncomfortable. Leave your burdens for your best friend…or Facebook feed.

Do: Get out for office with your coworkers

Yes, it’s called watercooler chat but it’s just a term. Getting out of the office with coworkers is a great way to recharge, get creative and get moving.  Sometimes the glare of the office fluorescent lights can get you down and there is no substitute for sunshine!