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DSS Celebrates Its 3rd Annual Take Your Dog To Work Day

For our third year in a row we celebrated the 18th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day! We truly love our pets and love that we can participate in something that brings such joy to our employees. It’s the little things in life.

Created by PSI in 1999, Take Your Dog To Work Day has reached tens of thousands with its unique message of celebrating dogs at work to promote pet adoptions during the last 17 years.


Besides the obvious, (like, taking your best friend to work!) taking your dog to work helps employees reduce stress, encourage longer work hours and inspires friendship between coworkers.


Our employees in Lakeland posed with Lucy and they all chimed in on the therapy! Even DSS partner, Tim Perkins, was enjoying Lucy as he worked at his desk.


The ladies of Miami celebrated Take Your Dog to Work Day last year and brought their furry friends in again this year…with one exception… Lola the bunny!


Alli, a 3-year-old golden doodle hung out in our Dallas branch. She sported her  summer cut and her dad, Rob said,  “She thinks she’s person, is super friendly and proves it by working the room. Alli made new friends today in the office taking turns at who’s desk she is either taking a nap at or getting extra loving.”

Take Your Dog to Work Day is an event we look forward to every year!