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How to Rock Your Staffing Booth at a Job Fair

So you’re representing your staffing company at a job fair, right? You must be if you have stumbled upon this article. Well you’re in luck!

This article lists suggestions and ideas that will make your job fair booth a success. While some of the concepts listed may not be possible due to lack of funds or time constraints, they are definitely worth working for.

You want your booth to stand out and be informative, even curious.  In a room filled with numerous booths of companies trying to recruit, you must come with your “A” game. But you got this because, after all, you are a staffing agency at a job fair.  If anyone knows about jobs, it’s YOU. Your business is jobs.

The goal is to encourage people to take an interest in your company through visual taunting and information.  There are countless ways you can take your booth to rock star status.

Bring out the curiosity in people by making your booth interactive. Invite candidates to “Like” your company Facebook page and/or sign up for your company newsletter so that they get the latest and greatest information. This will also give you incentive to make the company newsletter as informative and creative as possible. You can also provide an interactive Q&A board about your staffing agency, and offer information about where candidates can apply for jobs. Let’s not discount the infamous “spin the wheel and win a prize” gig. People get crazily excited about winning pens, shirts and other promotional items with your company logo on it. Don’t forget to offer services too. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Make your booth visually stimulating. Everyone is attracted to vibrant colors and individuality. Stream your company’s Twitter feed on a monitor or big screen and suggest that people follow you. Play a 1 minute video about your agency, highlighting its company culture and accomplishments or show current employees giving inspiring testimonials. You can also display a banner or flag with your company logo along with a table dressing that represents the shades of your business.

One example of using creativity to steer clients to your booth would be the use of clouds. Stay with me on this one. Hang clouds (these kind of clouds*) around your booth, and on a poster have it read: “Reach for the Sky.” It’s clever, unique and you get bonus points for creativity.

Provide staffing material that offers knowledgeable information. Offer how-to guides such as, “How to write a killer resume” or “How to get your cover letter read.” You can also make a list of the greatest interview tips or print out a list of positions your company is currently hiring for. And of course, don’t forget the business cards or marketing post cards.

Whatever you do, be personable. Be prepared to talk to someone in private if needed. Dress appropriately and look approachable. And above all: smile.