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Jacob Holsinger Conquers Direct Hires at DSS

When Jacob Holsinger was awarded Rookie of the Year in 2015 less than a year working with DSS we should have known great things would come. Two years later, he has soared to new heights with Direct Hire business.

So how exactly does he do it?

“It is very addicting,” said Jacob. “Direct Hire is the one thing I had never done in my staffing career before this year.  It is a different challenge from the TTH business.”

Jacob’s ladder to success started by talking to existing, active clients. He found that some of them were using other national agencies to help fill their internal, upper level positions. They were unaware that DSS did the same.


He also networked through Linkedin to connect with someone he knew years ago and noticed that she was now a personnel director. Jacob had several candidates that aligned with jobs she was seeking out and asked if he could assisted – from there a beautiful direct hire relationship bloomed.

As far as going above and beyond, Jacob claims he really hasn’t had to do anything extra other than coordinate a few after hour interviews to accommodate a candidate’s work schedule. It’s clear he has mastered how to work smarter, not harder.

When asked how other DSS employees can achieve direct hire goals of their own, Jacob’s suggestion is simple: Connect with contacts you already have a relationship with.


“I started [connecting with my contacts] because I thought it would be a good way to practice before talking with prospects,” said Jacob. “It just so happens that it worked right out of the gate. Educate your clients on what we do, chances are they are using someone else to fill the ‘good stuff’ and just don’t think about using the same company that fills their entry to skilled labor positions to find their next payroll manager, environmental health and safety manager or cost accountant.”

Because of all his hard work and valuable networking, Jacob will be having fun in the sun with his wife in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands on DSS! They are looking forward to snorkeling and exploring the other islands by ferry.


Jacob believes that communication is key to his success in the industry, as well as setting the expectations with the client from the beginning.  

“Have fun with it, it is definitely a roller coaster ride but a very rewarding one at the end,” said Jacob.


Congratulations, Jacob! You’re hard work is paying off!