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We connect companies with good employees and employees with good companies. Diversified Sourcing Solutions is a family-owned company that encourages local decision-making and customized staffing solutions. 

Staffing & Recruiting Solutions

Our staffing solutions aren’t based on a template so we don’t offer the same service to every client. At Diversified Sourcing Solutions, we take the time to understand the complexity of your business so that we become a consultative partner with a sincere interest in delivering solutions to your staffing problems so that you can focus on your core business.

Whether your need is short-term, long-term, contract-to-hire or direct placement, DSS has the solution to your staffing needs in the following areas:

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    Manufacturing and Logistics

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    Office and Administrative

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    Executive Level Direct Placement

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    Accounting and Finance

Within each of the above areas, we offer on-site and VMS solutions.


On-Premise Solutions

As an on-premise service provider, DSS will evaluate your staffing challenges and create a customized solution to function as an extension of your human resources department.

Whether you need DSS to recruit, hire and manage a large number of temporary employees or facilitate the recruiting and prescreening of your internal hires, we will assign an experienced DSS recruiter to work on location and execute the most optimal solution.

Please contact the DSS Location nearest you to learn more.

Manufacturing & Logistics

At DSS, we understand that open positions cause gaps in your production, and filling those gaps quickly with the right number of employees at the right level is critical to getting your job done. Our recruiting team continually qualifies, prescreens, and identifies the best candidates in a variety of skill sets to grow and maintain our candidate pool. We are able to respond quickly to your customized solution to get the job done!

We recognize the impact of safety practices on your bottom line. Through ongoing training, reporting, and recognition of safety excellence, our Diversified Safety Services Program (DSSP) enhances employee understanding in compliance with OSHA safety regulations.

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Office and Administrative

We know what it takes to create an office environment that runs efficiently. When you need skilled and proficient talent that is experienced in superior customer service skills, HR expertise and strong organizational skills, Diversified Sourcing Solutions will deliver just that. We match our qualified candidates to fit your office and administrative needs within your company’s culture.

DSS Direct

DSS Direct is our direct placement solution for mid-level to senior-level positions that are critically urgent or difficult to fill, and we specialize in confidential search and placement or replacement.

We access our diverse network of candidates to prescreen and identify the employee that you will add to your team from day one – we simply take the pain out of the process. At DSS, we focus on making the right match to ensure you do not incur additional costs caused by turnover or having a critical position open for too long. The DSS Direct fee comes with a free replacement guarantee, so you can’t lose!

When you need confidential placement or replacement, or have integral positions that cannot go unfilled, or require employees with highly technical or difficult-to-find skill sets, DSS Direct allows you to continue to focus on the success of your business while we work quickly to find the right person for your needs and company culture.

Reliance on expensive advertisements and job boards will only produce candidates who are active job seekers. During times when large skill gaps exist, active job seekers represent less than 25% of available talent. Let Diversified Sourcing Solutions leverage its relationships to find you the exact match for your business!

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You Said About Us...

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'We never expected such a fantastic result from a staffing company, and we will use Diversified for our future needs and would definitely recommend their services to other companies."

HR Manager, Ikea Tampa

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"As the HR Manager, I get ongoing calls from other staffing agencies wanting me to change services, but I do not give them the chance because of the service Diversified Sourcing Solutions is providing us at Dawn."

HR Manager, Dawn Food Products

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"I would like to express the excellent customer service that I have received from your company for our temporary staffing over the years. It's been my pleasure to work with an agency that is always prompt and dependable."

Administrative Assistant, Office Depot

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"I am happy to recommend Diversified Sourcing Solutions for their outstanding service and exceptional team. Throughout our partnership, they have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to meet our production personnel needs with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. Having previously worked with plenty of other agencies, it is very clear that Diversified Sourcing Solutions has the right formula. Their team has made understanding our business model a priority, which has allowed them to consistently deliver candidates perfectly aligned with our needs. We have been very impressed with the team's flexibility and responsiveness, especially through the COVID-19 pandemic and the ever-changing labor force. They have been all-in to make sure we have the right people in the right position so that our production runs like a charm. Very impressed! I can confidently say that working with Diversified Sourcing Solutions has been a great value add, and we highly recommend their services to any organization seeking a reliable and adept temp agency."

Vice President Manufacturing, Metallic Products

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Before I retire from Liebherr USA I would like to send you a Review on the outstanding relationship we have developed within the last 5 years.

“Building a business relationship with Diversified Sourcing Solutions has been an easy transition for both parties involved.  I’ve worked personally with everyone in the office, and I can assure you that they are always willing to help find the perfect candidate for your business.  They are incredibly professional, friendly staff who listens to your needs and helps you explore the right candidate. I highly recommend any growing company to partner with Diversified Sourcing Solutions, they take pride in what they do.” 

Occ Health & Safety Coor and HR Generalist, Liebherr USA, Co.

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Diversified Sourcing Solutions is by far the best staffing agency I have had the pleasure of working with.
The communication they provide, for all hours of the day, and their willingness to assist with any and all issues we come across, is second to none.
Alexis is very professional, and an excellent point of contact. I know that anything I bring to her will be handled in a timely manner.
We find that the quality of workers are much more prepared for the job. It's clear they have been properly vetted and understand the expectations.
We have partnered with other agencies, but Diversified Sourcing Solutions works diligently to provide quality candidates, which in today's market has proven to be more challenging than ever before. Their ability to perform at a higher level and deliver unquestionably is beyond appreciated. 
I highly recommend Diversified Sourcing Solutions and their superior services.

Thank you for all the service you have provided.

Distribution Manager, MAXXIS

Finding the Right Fit

We connect companies with good employees and employees with good companies.

In today's marketplace, growing companies are facing many challenges in the search for the right talent. We can help companies to understand the benefit of choosing a family-owned, tenured, professional staffing company. Let our team of intuitive, results-focused professionals help you connect with the ideal employment opportunities. 

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